Dog is peeing (urinating) a lot , drinking more water

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Jun 07, 2008

My dog is a whole pure breed lab. He isn't fix as i am going to breed him down the line. He pees a lot but drinks water a lot as well. Not over the amount but does have a nice amount of water. The temp has been going up and down a lot we came from Florida, but we now live in Chicago. was wondering if the weather changes are affecting him at all. As to the peeing a lot.He pees a lot more when people come in and out of the house as well but he can go all night long till the am and doesn't have to go out till the am. could it be from the weather and him not being fixed? Thanks a lot for any advise you can give me

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Prostatic Disease, Change in Water Consumption / Urination HabitsInappropriate Urination

I think there could be a few different things going on here. Without knowing his age, itís hard to say what might be most likely, so I will discuss several possibilities. We can see a change in water and food consumption with a change in weather and climate. Usually, in the summer, we see a decrease in food consumption because dogs need less energy in the summer with warmer weather than they do in the winter while trying to stay warm. Anytime we see an increase in drinking, we almost always see an increase in urination. Quite simply, water input results in water output. Weather could be playing a factor here, as well as change in routine, stress with a move and a new place, however, I donít believe it is the only reason for the changes you are seeing. Sometimes dogs and cats will urinate inappropriately when they have a urinary tract infection. It is common for animals to strain or have difficulty peeing, and will often urinate small amounts frequently. It is possible that he has an underlying infection, and a painful one at that. Please consider taking a sample in to your veterinarian so it can be tested for infection. Males with prostate disease can also have difficulty urinating if the prostate is enlarged. It is not uncommon for unneutered males to develop some form of prostate disease. Dogs that have this problem may strain to urinate. This can be caused by many things, including infection, hormones and cancer. It would be recommended to have your veterinarian perform a rectal exam on your dog to rule out any abnormalities with the prostate. X-rays can also be performed to evaluate the urogenital system and make sure everything appears to be within normal limits anatomically. Drinking often and urinating more usually suggests that there may be an underlying endocrine and metabolic disease. For example, we see this sign with diabetes and renal failure, among others. It is important to consult your veterinarian and discuss testing your dog for some of these diseases. If he is an older dog, these diseases might be more likely than some others. Most of the tests require blood work and a urine sample. I would definitely rule these diseases out before considering behavioral issues. The last thing to consider is the influence of a learned behavior. Dogs that are not fixed can sometimes mark territory more often, which may explain why he urinates more often when people come over. But, usually, this is a learned behavior, and once they do it routinely, they will continue even after being fixed. I hope this gives you an idea of just a few of the things we consider with his clinical history. I recommend you have him evaluated by your veterinarian so that this problem does not go overlooked.

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Dr. Lauryn Spohn

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