My dog swallowed a bone whole!

Craig Coughlin asks:

Sep 03, 2011

Hello everyone....
I have a mini Schnauzer, she's about 15 mts old and in perfect health... This evening I gave her a small beef bone from my steak (about the size and shape of a small thumb) thinking she would chew it to death like all others she did not and swallowed it hole... Should I be worried?? Any thoughts??

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Diarrhea, Foreign Body Obstruction, Garbage Gut, Nausea, Painful Abdomen, RetchingVomiting

7 yr old dog is drinking more and urinating more

Ann asks:

Sep 02, 2011

My 7 yr old pug/russel just recently started peeing on my bed and is drinking lots moore water than normal. Any advise?

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Change in Water Consumption / Urination Habits, Diabetes Mellitus, Inappropriate Urination, Urinary Tract Infection / CystitisUroliths (Bladder Stones)

Getting a dog...which is best for a first pet?

Gabriel asks:

Sep 01, 2011

I hope this question is not what is site can answer but here goes. I am getting a dog in September. I want a rottweiler. I haven't had a dog before, but my parents have owened dobermans, and shepherds in their childhood. I'm a teenager. I have a feeling I can handle a rottweiler. I like their temprament a lot. Could a rottweiler serve as a first dog for someone? Any ideas? My cousin has one and I love everything about it. o

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Breeds, Financial Concerns/Costs, Preparing your house/yard, Type of Pet, Human-Animal Bond/Relationship, Hyper, playful, lots of energy, Obedience/General Dog Training, Roaming/Escaping, Crate Training, Housetraining, Jumping, Microchipping, Parasites, Spay / NeuterVaccines

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